Rodney Atkins
February 8, 2020



**COVID-19 Concerns and MRAC Show Updates**
April 19, 2020

Dear MRAC Patrons,

This continues to be a very challenging time for all of us. COVID-19's impact in each of our communities has been remarkable, placing tremendous strain on our patrons and everyone else. On behalf of the MRAC Board of Directors I absolutely want to extend our concern for your well being. Although many of us have been fortunate and not become sick from the virus, for those who have fallen ill we wish you a complete recovery. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone, especially those who have tragically lost a friend or loved one. Words simply cannot express how saddened we are to hear about anyone who has lost their life to this disease.

To those essential workers and healthcare professionals THANK YOU for your amazing dedication and commitment to providing the services and critical care required to help our residents each day. We all proudly stand to offer a resounding applause for what you've done to support our communities. We know you've put much aside to serve on the front lines of this crisis. You are true heroes!

Although we know the MRAC Series is far from front of mind for patrons, we do want to share with you an update on the two remaining performances for the 2020 season. We are happy to report that the shows for "1964"...The Tribute and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy are being rescheduled for the fall. The specific dates of these performances will be announced when confirmed and we will let you know via e-mail as well. Your original issued MRAC ticket(s) will be used again for whenever the dates are determined. Of course all of this is subject to the COVID-19 guidelines of the Commonwealth and our desire for our patrons to be in a safe environment.

We also are excited to report that the MRAC Board of Directors is planning the 2021 Series, anticipating it will begin in mid to late January. Should you have any questions regarding the plans for the balance of the 2020 season or our annual series we welcome your inquiry. Simply e-mail the MRAC Box Office at or call 434-634-6001. Our box office staff can certainly provide guidance and is here to assist all of our patrons.

If the Coronavirus has demonstrated anything it's that our communities are small but resilient. We all have big hearts and truly care about each other. It is our hope that the fall shows will be a time when everyone can not only enjoy these amazing performers, but reconnect, catch up, see bright smiles, share laughter and enjoy being together once again.

Best regards,

Wilson Clary